3 Easy & Awesome Breathing Exercises To Help With Sleep

Breathing Exercises To Help With Sleep

  For many years I never knew there was such a thing as breathing exercises to help with sleep. Actually, to be honest, I never knew that there were specific breathing exercises that could help you with a variety of mental, emotional and physical issues. I mean we just breathe to survive don’t we? It’s … Read more

How to Sleep When Stressed and Anxious (Basic & Advanced Techniques)

How to Sleep When Stressed and Anxious

  Welcome to my article about how to sleep when stressed and anxious. Now this is going to be a little different to what you may typically find when you conduct a Google search. What I mean by this is there is a plethora of great information about how to deal with stress and anxiety … Read more

What to Do When You Can’t Sleep? (4 Simple Sleep Hacks)

What to Do When You Can’t Sleep

  I’m sure we’ve all been through it before. You get into bed. You feel tired. So you know you’re going to have a wonderful night’s sleep. However, for whatever reason you simply cannot seem to drop off and no matter how hard you try to sleep you seem to become more-and-more awake as the … Read more

How Does Alcohol Affect Sleep? (The Ultimate Guide)

How Does Alcohol Affect Sleep

  Welcome to my article – “How Does Alcohol Affect Sleep?” This is aimed at being a guide to the effects of alcohol on sleep and I hope to answer the many questions that you may have about drinking and sleep. However, if for any reason I have failed to cover something more specific on … Read more

How Does Blue Light Affect Your Sleep? (My Reddit Research)

A computer screen showing the website Reddit

Funnily enough, the reason for me writing this article is because I spent a number of hours on Reddit yesterday. Not just for fun you understand, although the self-proclaimed “Front page of the Internet” certainly provides plenty of that. No, my reason was to look through the various sleep-related sub-Reddit’s to see what type of … Read more