The Panic Away Program Review – Can You End Panic Attacks Today?

Panic Away Program E-Book

Welcome to my Panic Away Program Review. This is a program that has been designed to address issues with panic attacks and anxiety disorder. It’s true that both of these disorders are equally important, but as the name may suggest, the Panic Away Program is more specifically geared towards dealing with panic attacks. I actually … Read more

What is Stress-Induced Insomnia?

I would say one of the biggest obstacles I faced trying to get a decent night’s sleep was overcoming my own mind. Racing thoughts, overthinking, constant worrying, turning positives into negatives, my mind was simply awash with stress and anxiety. And this went on all day, every day. The title of today’s article is “What … Read more

(TERRIFYING) Do You Suffer Panic Attack Symptoms While Sleeping?

If you’re someone who suffers panic attack symptoms while sleeping I would hazard a guess that this is having a dramatic impact on not only your sleep, but on your everyday life. I mean panic attacks can be bad enough during the day, but they are even more terrifying whilst you’re fast asleep. The very … Read more

8 Minute Meditation Review – The Victor Davich Smash Hit Remastered

Welcome to my 8-Minute Meditation Review. For regular visitors to my website you will be aware that any products I review I will generally look to see how they can improve the quality of your sleep. One thing I have come to realize over the years is that, for me personally, my lack of sleep … Read more

Heal Through Hypnosis Review – Can This Program REALLY Change Your Life?

Welcome to my Heal Through Hypnosis Review. For my regular readers, you will be aware that I approach all of my product reviews, firstly and foremostly, from a sleep perspective. My aim is to find products that can deal with a wide variety of sleep disorders and help you get a better night’s rest. With … Read more

Why Do People Sleep Talk? (Plus a Selection of Hilarious Sleep Talking Stories)

I’d never experienced the phenomenon of talking in your sleep during my younger and formative years. In fact, it wasn’t until I first lived with someone in my mid-20s, that I became aware of people chatting away while they’re asleep. So, why do people sleep talk? In today’s article I want to delve deeper into … Read more

Does Yoga Help You Sleep? – 3 Wonderful Ways Yoga Has Helped Me

Welcome to today’s article in which I’d like to discuss – Does Yoga Help You Sleep? I guess I first started practicing yoga around 5 years ago. My body had started to feel battered and bruised from years of pumping iron, pounding pavements, and spending hours at the sprint track. My hips, hamstrings and lower … Read more

Does Sleep Affect Athletic Performance? (Federer’s 12 Hours Says YES)

Now I’m certainly no professional athlete, but I am someone who exercises very regularly, takes their training seriously, and I’d like to class myself as “above average” in terms of strength and fitness. So, for me, it’s important to know – Does sleep affect athletic performance? I would also say that if sports and training … Read more