Does Chamomile Tea Help You Sleep? – To Tea or Not to Tea


Is the connection between chamomile tea and a great night’s sleep just an old wive’s tale or the real deal? Does chamomile tea help you sleep or is this the stuff of fiction? “Fiction” you say! Whenever I think about the potential calming effects of chamomile tea I am reminded of the children’s book “The … Read more

Coronavirus and Sleep Apnea -The Facts About Covid-19 and Sleep Apnea


The coronavirus (or COVID-19) has pretty much brought the world to a standstill. We have entered unchartered territory and there are many unprecedented changes taking place. Entire countries are on lockdown, the economy has ground to halt, and there is real fear taking over our everyday lives. For those of us who are lucky enough … Read more

Foods That Help You Sleep at Night – Tasty Treats For a Peaceful Sleep


We are aware that getting a good night’s sleep boosts the immune system and helps to keep the brain and digestive system healthy. It is recommended that you get between 7-9 hours sleep a night, although many people struggle to get anywhere near these numbers. There are numerous reasons why you may not be getting … Read more

How Do You Get to Sleep When You Are Stressed? – No Effort Required


I’m sure there are times in your life when you feel stressed, worried, or are uncertain about something. During a difficult time like this it is perfectly natural for your sleep to get disrupted. You may have suffered from insomnia before and suddenly you found you were miraculously cured, but you then find that your … Read more

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Hi Everyone and welcome to my Tips to Help You Sleep website. Sleep is a subject that I never thought I’d have to worry about. I spent most of my teenage years glued to a duvet and could fall asleep at the drop of a hat. The same could be said throughout most of my … Read more