Side Effects of a Lack of Sleep – The Astonishing Results

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Side Effects of a Lack of Sleep

I doubt whether there’s anyone who hasn’t suffered from a poor night’s sleep.

Tossing and turning all night, unable to fall asleep. And when you eventually do, you find yourself waking up every couple of hours and having to go through the whole process of falling asleep again.

Ironically, this constant circle is exhausting, but unfortunately not enough to get a decent night’s rest.

If you’re someone who regularly has sleepless nights this could be far more dangerous for you than you first imagined.

So, what are the side effects of a lack of sleep?

I Can’t Remember…

A lack of sleep is proven to negatively impact both your short and long-term memory.

It is while you are asleep that the brain forms connections inside the body which help you to evaluate and remember information that is new to you.

Without adequate sleep your brain is unable fully utilize this much-needed function and unfortunately this is why your memory sucks.

Are You Having Trouble Concentrating?

You often feel groggy and grumpy after a lack of sleep the previous night and this can continue throughout the day.

Your mental abilities are at full-stretch.

You find you can’t think straight, you can’t concentrate on anything for longer than a few minutes, and if someone puts a problem in front of you there’s no way you’re ever going to solve it.

Why Am I So Moody?

If you’re being deprived of sleep this can have severe consequences for your overall mood. Side Effects of a Lack of Sleep

Have you ever found yourself to be over-emotional after a bad night’s sleep?

Perhaps you find yourself snapping at everyone within a 2-metre radius for no apparent reason.

The tears are flowing, the anger is rising, but you just can’t explain why.

A lack of sleep can cause severe changed in the mind and violent mood swings.

Unfortunately, this can lead to anxiety or depression, and over time this will only get worse if you’re sleeping properly.

Your Failure to Get Adequate Sleep Can Lead to Accidents

The following day you feel drowsy, your mind isn’t fully concentrated on what you should be doing, you don’t pay attention to others around you, and this is when accidents can occur.

According to statistics nearly 40% of people surveyed about sleep quality admitted that they had fallen asleep unintentionally during the preceding month.

What I find absolutely horrific is that a total 5% said they actually nodded off whilst they were driving.

Men, Do You Have a Lower Sex Drive?

Not getting enough sleep at night can lead to a drop in testosterone levels. As a man this can wreak havoc on your libido.

You’re probably feeling too tired to “perform” anyway, but a lack of sleep will leave your sex drive dwindling.

Tie this in with mood swings, a bad memory, a lack of concentration, and this could soon cause problems in any intimate relationship.

You’re Constantly Getting Colds and Coughs

Poor sleeping habits will eventually weaken your immune system and you’ll find to harder to fight off certain viruses.

Those of us who don’t sleep well are more susceptible to the common cold or flu.

Basically, your immune system isn’t working as well as it should and you find yourself getting ill when exposed to various germs.

Have You Put on Weight?

The body produces certain chemicals when we eat, and it is these chemicals that send signals to the brain telling us we are Side Effects of a Lack of Sleep


If you are constantly deprived of sleep these chemicals are less likely to do their job and this is when you typically overindulge.

Our weight is tied to the number of calories we put into our body versus the number of calories we expend.

So, just imagine the affect of eating and not being able to tell your brain that you’re full, as well as the fact that your lack of energy stops you being as active as you should.

For those of you looking to lose weight, yes it is sensible to focus on how much you’re eating and how much you’re exercising, but may I suggest that you look into your sleeping habits first.

The Risk of Diabetes

Insulin is a hormone that regulates your blood sugar levels. However, a lack of sleep can have quite a dramatic affect on insulin production.

People who aren’t get enough sleep on a daily basis tend to have higher blood sugar levels than people who have adequate rest.

Unfortunately, this puts at a higher risk for type 2 diabetes.

The Risk of Heart Disease

If you’re not sleeping enough this can lead to an increase of chemicals in the body that are associated with inflammation.

You are also likely to have higher blood pressure.

Both inflammation and high blood pressure have been linked to heart disease.

How Coordinated Are You?

I touched a little on accidents above and it’s true that a lack of sleep will affect both your coordination and overall balance.

It is from poor balance which numerous accidents can occur.

Something as simple as misjudging a curb when walking along the street, or feeling dizzy as you climb a set of stairs, etc.

Don’t Let the Effects of a Lack of Sleep Bring You Down

Sleep deprivation can cause various physical and emotional issues and as you can see some of these are extremely dangerous.

There are numerous articles on this website which focus on how you can get a better night’s sleep, and there are things that you could be doing starting from today.

Don’t ignore the fact that you aren’t sleeping well. Look into some options I list in the articles on this website.

However, if you continue to have problems sleeping at night, you should talk to a medical professional. There may be an underlying health condition that is stopping you from sleeping.

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