The Panic Away Program Review – Can You End Panic Attacks Today?

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Welcome to my Panic Away Program Review.The Panic Away Program

This is a program that has been designed to address issues with panic attacks and anxiety disorder.

It’s true that both of these disorders are equally important, but as the name may suggest, the Panic Away Program is more specifically geared towards dealing with panic attacks.

I actually first came across this program many years ago and I remember people raving about it back then.

Further research has revealed that the program is actually 19 years old and was originally sold in just book format (the original book sold 80,000 copies and the new, updated format now has over 150,000 happy customers).

However, the creator of Panic Away has regularly updated the content over the years, and you now have various options within the program including, physical and online books, DVDs, CDs, access to a member’s forum, and much more.

I wanted to review a product such as this after recently writing my article, Panic Attack Symptoms While Sleeping.

So, I thought why not review something that I’ve heard of before, as well as a program that is being lauded as one of the best solutions ever presented for panic attacks.

What Is The Panic Away Program?

Product: Panic Away
Cheapest Place to Buy
Type of Program:
All Natural Techniques
60-Day Full Money Back
My Rating:
9.5 out of 10

I’m not a huge fan of the phrase (I’m not entirely sure why, it’s just a phrase that seems to irk me), but I understand it’s concepts and I believe they do work – what am I talking about?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Just in case you weren’t aware, cognitive behavioral therapy is what can best be described as a “talking therapy”.

The aim is to change a person’s beliefs and behaviors.

So, by focusing on your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and the images that crop up in your mind, you can deal with any emotional problems that you currently suffer.

CBT is most commonly used to deal with anxiety and depression, but it is also extremely useful for a wide variety of mental and physical issues.

In fact, it is the “go-to” method for most therapists who treat people with emotional and mental disorders, and it is what the Panic Away Program is also based around.

However, rather than laying on a therapist’s couch (apologies for the stereotype), the Panic Away program is available to use privately in the comfort of your own home.


Who’s The Face Behind The Panic Away Program?

The Panic Away Program was developed by Barry McDonagh (BA, Dip Psychology).

Barry is now known as a best-selling author of a number of books about overcoming anxiety.

As mentioned, his first book “Panic Away” was published nineteen years ago in 2001.

Panic Away was based on Barry’s own struggles with anxiety and panic disorder and has since been sold in 32 different countries around the world.

The success of Panic Away led to Barry publishing a second book, DARE, in 2015, which has now sold over 200,000 copies. In fact, DARE is the highest rated book on both Amazon and Good Reads for helping people to overcome anxiety.

Barry’s work has been featured in GQ, Huff Post, and Vice. In addition to this, he has also featured in various TV programs in the USA, UK, and Australia.

Barry’s approach to treating panic and anxiety disorders has often been described as “unorthodox”, although his material is typically seen as fun and engaging, but above all, EFFECTIVE.

How Does The Panic Away Program Work?

I’m going to talk about the digital download version of the product, which of course is instantly downloadable to your PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or electronic device of choice.

Nevertheless, there is the option to have this as a physical product, inclusive of a book, DVDs, CDS, and the additional 2 bonuses on offer (you also have the option to purchase the online and offline product together at a discounted The Panic Away Programprice).

The program uses techniques which are designed to allow your body to heal naturally.

This is achieved by almost “pushing” your anxious mind out of the way and activating your parasympathetic nervous system. This is often referred to as the “rest and digest” system, as it slows the heart rate and relaxes certain muscles to conserve energy, while at the same time increasing activity in the intestines and glands.

By literally tricking your mind to no longer stimulate stress response, both your mind and body can begin to relax once again.

The main way to achieve this is the trademarked Panic Away 21-7 technique.

This is a system that follows a countdown from 21 to zero in which you simply tell your panic attack that it has 21 seconds to do its worst. If you’re going to fall flat on your face, have a heart attack, or die on the spot, the panic attack has 21 seconds to achieve this, otherwise it will be gone.

Obviously, there is far more to it than that (which will be explained in full detail inside the program) and it does also mean that you are potentially going to have to face your worst fears.

However, Barry will guide you and build you up to this within the program.

Download the FREE “Rapid Relief” Audio

The “7” part of the technique is a breathing and progressive relaxation exercise (focused on activating the parasympathetic nervous system), which is aimed at eliminating generalized anxiety in just 7 minutes a day (well in truth you will need to use the technique 2-3 times a day).

You have a 245-page ebook guide that is broken down into chapters to explain what anxiety and panic attacks are. You will also discover why you are potentially experiencing panic attacks and anxiety, as well as how to spot the imminent signs.

The 21-7 technique is explained in far more detail and you will be introduced to real-life situations where panic or anxiety can take a grip on you, and of course what to do in these situations.

There is also a wealth of affirmations, visualizations, and real-life examples included for you to learn from.

If you’re looking to fast-track your recovery you can follow the HD DVD, which will introduce you to the basics of the Panic Away system in just 48 minutes. The DVD makes the 21-7 technique extremely simple to learn and apply.

If you’re someone who prefers to listen to the lessons then you have the Panic Away CDs at your disposal, which focus on releasing general anxiety, stopping anxious thoughts, and a whole host more.

I mentioned that there were also 2 bonuses included. Firstly, enjoy unlimited access to the Panic Away forum, which many users consider to be the best part of the entire program.

You have a live chat feature and round the clock support. The members here support and motivate each other, as well as sharing their own stories. It actually feels good to know there are other people you can speak to who are going through the exact same issues as you are.

Finally, there is the bonus Panic Away Conversations “2018”. This is an audio package of inspiring stories. People who have used and succeeded with the Panic Away Program discuss how they applied the 21-7 technique, as well as offering specific advice when you are faced with certain panic-inducing situations.

All-in-all, a very comprehensive package, I’m sure you’ll agree.




Success Stories From Users of the Panic Away Program

What Did I Think of The Panic Away Program?

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from a program that has been created from a book originally published nearly two decades ago.

However, I must admit that I am thoroughly impressed with everything I have seen and read about Panic Away.

I’m starting to understand why the program has been a runaway success and why so many people hold it in such high regard.

I’m aware that no one program will typically work for everyone who tries it, I mean we are individuals, and therefore we have our own individual problems and issues when it comes to panic attacks and anxiety.

With that being said, the Panic Away program boasts a 93% success rate and I can see why Barry McDonagh is held in such high-esteem.

I should point out though that the Panic Away program is not geared towards curing severe anxiety disorders, and Barry explains this himself. If your anxiety or panic attacks are of an extremely severe nature then it is recommended that you immediately contact your Doctor.

I like the fact that there is a choice of both an online and physical product, as even in this day-and-age there may be some people who want to listen to the CDs while on the go, but don’t own a smartphone.

The 21-7 technique in itself appears to be sound and workable, although you will at times be forced to face your fears. So, you must be willing to put the work in as well.

Obviously, the fact that it is a completely natural product, which doesn’t involve any form of medication, is a huge positive for me.

I should also mention that you do have the opportunity to have a one-on-one session with Barry if you feel that this is the best way to deal with your anxiety or panic attacks.

This is a wonderful benefit, as you have access to an expert without ever stepping foot outside your front door (and don’t get me started on how much speaking to a therapist in the physical world would set you back).

Finally, the program has a 60-day money back guarantee, so you have the opportunity to try the product in its entirety for a whole 2 months, and if for any reason you’re not satisfied you can request a full refund, no questions asked.

Get Access to The Panic Away Program NOW

Product Pros.

  • The program is available as both a physical and instantly downloadable product.
  • There are literally thousands of testimonials from satisfied customers and Barry and his program have been featured in many magazines and TV shows.
  • The program has a 93% success rate.
  • The Panic Away program is regularly updated with additional material that Barry feels may be of use to you.
  • The program offers a wide range of learning materials, such as a book, DVDs, and CDs.
  • You have access to both Barry and other Panic Away users via a private member’s forum.
  • The program has been a success for nearly 2 decades now.
  • You have a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program.
  • 100% safe and natural with no medication involved.
  • Whereas therapy and many other products are based around managing your panic attacks, Panic Away is purely focused on ENDING them for good.

Product Cons.

  • Panic Away is based on an approach that is considered by many to be somewhat progressive, as in not many others use these methods or techniques.
  • The program forces you to face your fears, so you have to be willing to do this.
  • Panic Away is not intended for those of you who suffer with extreme and severe anxiety disorders

Barry’s RISK-FREE Promise To You

Try the Panic Away Program Risk Free

Final Thoughts

The Panic Away Program has been around for nearly 20 years now and is proving to be a successful solution for many anxiety and panic attack sufferers.

The program is definitely legit and has successfully treated over 150,000 people.

I really like the fact that Panic Away can be “consumed” through various formats, and the private member’s forum is a game-changer for me.

One of the best things about this is that you can speak to other people who are (or have been) in exactly the same situation as you, and you can provide support and advice to each other.

I can see why this product has been around for so long and why so many people rave about it.

Panic Away gets a definite thumbs up from me.


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